Star Wars Jedi: Lost Episodes

Act I - Dead in The Water

Part II

Knack’s eyes open with a start. He’s still holding both his and the found datapads (the latter he hasn’t even turned on). The plate of food he left for Ploss is empty and she is sitting on the bed meditating while manipulating one of the geometric figures in the air in front of her.
“Ok, this ship isn’t going anywhere, so I guess I should shop it around to the others and get a little coin to live on while I … while WE… travel to Glee Anselm.”
Knack plans to see if his uncle is still willing to pay the amount he offered yesterday. If not, he’ll take whatever he can.
“We are going to have to book passage or something on whatever garbage truck happens to be docked, so it may be the long way round for us, kid… wait. What exactly are you doing? what is that thing, anyhow?”
Ploss doesn’t answer but continues her focus. Knack turns his attention to his data pad and checks the station logs to see what ships are currently docked or due in the next day or so. Nothing of note or very far ranging is due or present. He drums his fingers against the other datapad… the one he recovered from Ti-Odo’s things.
Obviously, knack turns the device on. “might as well see what’s on here while I wait…”
Ti-Odo’s Datapad is largely empty (hooray free datapad). It does feature a prominent Jedi symbol on the backside. It contains six encrypted files. Knack grumbles a bit because his expertise is in engineering, not really software.
As he starts in he finds the first file bound tight and looks to Ploss for insight. She does not respond at all… after some time, Knack opens just the last 3 files:
The first reads “Project Harvester” and is sparse with information. There is a small star chart centered on the planet Arkanis, and a short write-up on rumors of a Dathomirian Zabrak, a Lethan Twi’lek, a Mirialan fallen padawan, and some confusing notes on many siblings and a Pau’an leader. Importantly there is a symbol that Knack doesn’t immediately recognize. It looks like the Galactic Republic symbol, but is different… Imperial_Emblem.svg.png

The second file is very empty. It contains JCrux0000103-#009099 and a name, “Professor Huang”. (I checked, you lack the knowledge to tell what that number is).

Finally, the third file is largely corrupted (ruined in part due to your hacking) but contains the clear string “The Antarian Rangers?” (I rolled knowledge (jedi lore) for you like a boss and you can go to This Wookiepedia Page and read everything. The sections “Dark Times” and “Rebrith” don’t count right now.)


obviously, knack turns the device on.
“might as well see what’s on here while i wait…”

Act I - Dead in The Water

ok, with a +7 modifier, the results are as follows…
nat 1 (goddammit.)

Act I - Dead in The Water
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